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Covalent Organic Frameworks as Novel Materials for Overcoming Key Obstacles in Lithium Metal Battery Development

Adel Ghafari a, Bahareh Dashtipour a,b, Mahsa Sam a, Akbar Ghasemi Yeklangi a, Somayeh Akbari a,b,c a NanoSciTec GmbH, Hermann Weinhauser strasse. 67, Munich, 81867, Germany […]

Multiscale hierarchical and heterogeneous mechanical response of additively manufactured novel Al alloy investigated by high-resolution nanoindentation mapping


Investigation of the electrochemical behavior of ZIF-67 @ carbon nanotube and graphene oxide as potential electrode active materials for supercapacitors


Corrosion Behaviour of Nitronic Steel in Acidic Environment


Investigating the flow structures in semi-cylindrical bubbling fluidized bed using pressure fluctuation signals

Abstract Hydrodynamic characteristics of a gas-solid semi-cylindrical fluidized bed was experimentally investigated and compared with that of a cylindrical bed by analysis of pressure fluctuations. Pressure […]

Investigating bubble dynamics in a semi-cylindrical gas-solid fluidized bed

Abstract Bubble dynamics (i.e., bubble shape, bubble size, bubble rise velocity) and bed voidage in a semi-cylindrical gas-solid fluidized bed at various superficial gas velocities and […]

Effect of interparticle force on gas dynamics in a bubbling gas-solid fluidized bed: A CFD-DEM study

AbstractThe influence of cohesive interparticle force (IPF) on gas dynamics in a bubbling gas-solidfluidized bed was numerically investigated while the bed hydrodynamics was described with thehelp […]

Microfluidic devices with gold thin film channels for chemical and biomedical applications

Abstract Microfluidic systems (MFS) provide a range of advantages in biomedical applications, including improved controllability of material characteristics and lower consumption of reagents, energy, time and […]

Identification of Base Stock in Engine Oils by Near Infrared and Fluorescence Spectroscopies coupled with Chemometrics

Abstract: Engine oils are produced with a blend of almost 80% (w/w) base oils and 20% (w/w) of different additives. This study investigates, for the first […]