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Multiscale hierarchical and heterogeneous mechanical response of additively manufactured novel Al alloy investigated by high-resolution nanoindentation mapping


Investigation of the electrochemical behavior of ZIF-67 @ carbon nanotube and graphene oxide as potential electrode active materials for supercapacitors


Corrosion Behaviour of Nitronic Steel in Acidic Environment


Investigating the flow structures in semi-cylindrical bubbling fluidized bed using pressure fluctuation signals

Abstract Hydrodynamic characteristics of a gas-solid semi-cylindrical fluidized bed was experimentally investigated and compared with that of a cylindrical bed by analysis of pressure fluctuations. Pressure […]

Investigating bubble dynamics in a semi-cylindrical gas-solid fluidized bed

Abstract Bubble dynamics (i.e., bubble shape, bubble size, bubble rise velocity) and bed voidage in a semi-cylindrical gas-solid fluidized bed at various superficial gas velocities and […]

Effect of interparticle force on gas dynamics in a bubbling gas-solid fluidized bed: A CFD-DEM study

AbstractThe influence of cohesive interparticle force (IPF) on gas dynamics in a bubbling gas-solidfluidized bed was numerically investigated while the bed hydrodynamics was described with thehelp […]

Microfluidic devices with gold thin film channels for chemical and biomedical applications

Abstract Microfluidic systems (MFS) provide a range of advantages in biomedical applications, including improved controllability of material characteristics and lower consumption of reagents, energy, time and […]

Identification of Base Stock in Engine Oils by Near Infrared and Fluorescence Spectroscopies coupled with Chemometrics

Abstract: Engine oils are produced with a blend of almost 80% (w/w) base oils and 20% (w/w) of different additives. This study investigates, for the first […]

Effect of ZDDP concentration on the thermal film formation on steel, hydrogenated non- doped and Si-doped DLC (2016), Appl. Surf. Sci.

Abstract This work focuses on the ZDDP concentration (1, 5 and 20 wt%) to form a ZDDP film on surfaces during static thermal tests at 150 […]