Multiscale hierarchical and heterogeneous mechanical response of additively manufactured novel Al alloy investigated by high-resolution nanoindentation mapping


Direct integration of natural antenna structures to electrochemical cells towards novel biophotovoltaics


Effects of post-treatment processes on photovoltaic performance and morphology of organic solar cells: A review


Investigation of the electrochemical behavior of ZIF-67 @ carbon nanotube and graphene oxide as potential electrode active materials for supercapacitors


Application of copper oxide-based nanomaterials in electrochemical energy‐storage devices


Evolution of the nano-scale mechanical properties of tribofilms formed from low- and high-SAPS oils and ZDDP on DLC coatings and steel

The evolution of the nano-mechanical properties of tribofilms formed in steel/steel, steel/a-C:H and steel/Si-DLC contacts lubricated with two commercial oils containing different amounts of SAPS additives (E6 and E7 grade) and a mineral base oil containing ZDDP additive were examined in this investigation for two very different time periods

Molecular dynamics simulation of a graphite-supported copper nanocluster: thermodynamic properties and gas adsorption

Molecular dynamics simulations were conducted for a cubic Cu cluster supported on a graphite bilayer