“Michael” Nanocarriers Mimicking Transient-Binding Disordered Proteins (2013), ACS Macro Lett. Put as Front Cover of Macromol. Rapid Commun 21/2013

Abstract: We report herein a very efficient synthesis strategy for the construction of artificial transient-binding protein-mimic nano-objects. Michael addition-mediated multidirectional self-assembly of individual polymeric chains at […]

Evolution of chemical and mechanical properties of the tribofilms on steel and DLC surfaces with fully formulated oils at different sliding times

Abstract The chemical and mechanical properties of the tribofilms have an important effect to friction and wear in boundary lubrication. Previous studies have been carried out […]

Evolution of the nano-scale mechanical properties of tribofilms formed from low- and high-SAPS oils and ZDDP on DLC coatings and steel

The evolution of the nano-mechanical properties of tribofilms formed in steel/steel, steel/a-C:H and steel/Si-DLC contacts lubricated with two commercial oils containing different amounts of SAPS additives (E6 and E7 grade) and a mineral base oil containing ZDDP additive were examined in this investigation for two very different time periods

Molecular dynamics simulation of a graphite-supported copper nanocluster: thermodynamic properties and gas adsorption

Molecular dynamics simulations were conducted for a cubic Cu cluster supported on a graphite bilayer