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Dr. Somayeh Akbari(CEO)

Postdoc and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering
Master in Nanoscience (Nano medicine)
Master in Physical Chemistry


Activity: Innovation Strategist, Tribology , Nano Technology , Nano Medicine

Tel : +49 1516 6432106 

Dr. Akbari’s areas of research and developments are in Nanotechnology, Tribology, Chemistry and Physical Chemistry .She was working with companies like TINT, Sulzer, SKF, Mercedes, Total, Lubrizol, Oerlikon, etc. to mention some of the most renown. She is currently head of NanoSciTec company.


2017-2020:Postdoctoral Researcher, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University ofLjubljana.

Title of the Project: GreenCoat

Research partner involved at this project:Instituto Pedro Nunes (Portugal), and Norwegian University of Science andTechnology (Norway).

2013-2016: Ph.D. Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering,University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Title of Ph.D. Thesis Project:

Tribochemical mechanisms in boundary and mixed lubrication regime.

Research partner involved at this project:

Total Company (France), Mercedes-Benz AMG Company (UK), Oerlikon Metco(France) Company, SKF Company (Netherland), Leeds University (UK), EcoleCentral Lyon University (France), and AC2T Research GMBH (Austria).

2011-2012: Master Degree in Nanoscience, Universidad Del País Vasco, Spain.

Title of Master Thesis Project:

Evaluation of Unimolecular Polymeric Nanoparticles as Potential Bioactive

Compounds Carrier for drug delivery.

2008-2010: Master Degree in Physical Chemistry, Tarbiat Moalem University.

Title of Master Thesis Project:

Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies of Adsorption of Industrial Dyes by WasteSugar Beet Pulp.

2003-2007: Bachelor Degree in Applied Chemistry, Azad Central Tehran University.

Awards and Fellowships

2017: Acquisition of Slovenian citizenship based on the national (scientific)interest reason,

2017-2020: Postdoctoral Scholarship by the European Union,

2015-2016: Postdoctoral Fellowship by Slovenian Research Agency of the Republic ofSlovenia,

2013-2015: Marie Curie Scholarship by the European Union (Best Scholarship in theEurope for Ph.D. level)

9/06/2015: TTRF Grant from Swiss Tribology for ECOTRIB-Conference,

2011-2012: Student Fellowship in MS’c Level, by Spain from DIPC,

2008-2010: Student Fellowship in MS’c Level, by Iran Ministry of Science andTechnology.

Professional Membership

1.Editor in Journal of NanoScience Technology.

2.Member of Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) Society (2017-present).

3.Scientific Committee Member for SLOTRIB 2016 International Conference (2014-2016).

4.Reviewer for Journal of Lubrication Science with SCI (2017-present).