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Dr. Akbar ghasemi yeklanki

PhD of Nanotechnology (Nanomaterials) from Tarbiat Modares University (TMU)


Research area: Carbon Nano-materials, Coatings, Nanosensors, Nanogenerators.

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Ms. Faezeh Asgari

Master Degree in system energy
Tehran university


  Research area:  energy consumption optimization, air pollution reduction solar energy, Nano fluid, heat transfer

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Dr. Fakhereh MD Esmaeili

Ph.D. in Physics,
University of Hyderabad, Telengana


Research area:  gravitational cosmology , computational Astrophysics

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Ms. Maryam Iraji

B.SC. mechanical engineering
Isfahan University of Technology (IUT)


Biomechanics, bio composites, mechatronics and robotics, renewable energy system

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Dr. Maryam Hooshyari

Ph.D. in Sciences and Technologies of Chemistry and Materials
University of Genova, Italy


Research area:  Industrial and automotive tribology, Chemistry of lubricant ingredients, Multivariate analysis

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Dr. Fatemeh Ghasemi

Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry-Quantum Biology
Sharif University of Technology


Research area:  Nanomaterials for Clean Energy, Quantum study of energy transfer

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Dr.Arti Yadav

Postdoc in Tribology Imperial College London, and Newcastle University
Ph.D. in Mechanical EngineeringIndian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India


Research area: tribology, chemistry and physics of surfaces, fabrications, surface characterisation techniques and mechanical testing.

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B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
University of Engineering and Technology Lahore, Pakistan


Research area: Tribology, Lubrication, Machine Reliability and Condition Monitoring